Charles Edison

"Economics, politics, and personalities are often inseparable." - Charles Edison


The Vision!
This class was spurned by a talk I had with my seniors economics class last year.  "You are the future of the World, it's time for you to take responsibility and stop playing school and begin contributing to society."  Therefore, I began to think of ways to actually allow this to happen, hence this year's class was born.
The idea behind this project is three-fold:
1) allow the students to discover economics on their own through a self-directed learning environment
2) allow students to contribute and communicate with the "real world" of economics.
3) re-think the way a classroom should be constructed by inverting it (lecture at home via podcast and class time for practice, synthesis and discussion)

Group Dynamic:
Treat working in a group dynamic in a professional/respectful manner with confidence
Allow all ideas and questions to be explored fully

Continually explore/discover new questions/"problems" in today's economic society on a local, state, national, international level
Showcase quality economic written analysis
Understand our place in the world and the biases that go along with it
Respect that their are no "right" answers and that seeing topics from multiple perspectives is the best way to determine and reinforce what we believe

Contributions to class/society:
The students will give a formal and informal presentations to their fellow students in multiple mediums
The students will engage in an ongoing dialogue with all members and visitors to the site
The students will contribute new ideas to take ownership over economics affecting them "right now"