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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make Kony Famous

Joseph Kony is a Ugandan guerrilla group leader who has had major control over the past 26 years throughout Africa. He has kidnapped children, forced murder as well as sex trafficked under age girls taken from their homes. He is listed number one on the ICC's list of the most wanted and has caused a huge uproar throughout the world. He has caused such a commotion that a charity group, invisible children, formed with specific intentions of stopping this man and saving the African children. After going to D.C. and eventually convincing our government to send some 100 special forces units into Uganda, they began raising more support from the country and are attempting to keep the fire burning through donations and buying of the "action" kit. Although the group stands for a good purpose, there has in fact been some suspicion of a report that they used 8.8 million of their 13.7 dollars raised towards their personal spending of filming, travel, and transportation. Even with this fact being somewhat well known the group has continued stronger than ever, sending a Kony video viral and raising huge support throughout the world.
I personally am supportive of the group although their spending has been a bit suspicious, it is still inspiring that in economic times such as these and human sensitivity at a low they are able to continually raise massive support both financially and personally. It is important people do not get so caught up in saving and watching their expenses that we still remember the importance of lending a hand to struggling countries, whether or not we are at any type of risk for it or not.

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Anonymous said...

That video is sensationalism at it's best. And the public is eating it up. The video is little more than an SPCA ad, it's just meant to play on your emotions. Everyone wants to pretend they're some amazing social activist when they post the video on facebook, twitter, etc, when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about. People only care when it's cool to care about it. The video gives the impression that the money from the "Action Kit" is going to help the kids in the video. Except that 70% is not going toward any sort of aid, but going toward Invisible Children's fund to make more ridiculous videos. And there are some things they don't tell you. Kony has not been in Uganda for the last 6 years, and the violence has decreased dramatically. Not to mention there are numerous other warlords in Africa that are just as bad, this whole effort will accomplish nothing. If you want to actually do something to help someone, go help at a local homeless shelter or something. Posting a video on facebook doesn't make you a good person. That doesn't make the problem go away. I'll give this fad 2 weeks before everyone stops talking about it, just like the Japanese tsunami and earthquake in Haiti.