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Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Progress

As 2012 has started off with a boom, assuming that it is leading up to the end of the world, we have also boomed economically. Our economic stance from only six months ago has greatly improved, in fact we are doing better than what was assumed we would be at currently. Our unemployment rate has dropped more than expected and manufacturing has picked up greatly affecting jobs and production. While our economy has experienced some big improvements it is still hard to say exactly how long they are expected to last. With the rapid unemployment drop it would appear good things are to come ,but we really can never truly tell. The economy is one of the seemingly impossible to predict, but with many good signs it is only right to assume our economy is going into a positive direction. We can only hope that more people are able to find jobs and more money will be injected in our ever changing economy. With businesses picking up and unemployment dropping, we can only hope for the best.

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Darcy said...

A lot of our nation's progress has to do with our mentality. A positive outlook on the economy often leads to economic success, or in our case, recovery. There are two ways our leaders can go about this:

1) Lie to us, and tell us that the economy is doing much better than it really is. (And whose to say that they aren't)

2) Tell us how it really is, but encourage us, the consumers, to spend more, as this is the only way forward. (And whose to say consumers would actually listen to them)

At any rate, it sometimes works out to our benefit as a country to be told what we need to hear as opposed to reality. A little, white lie, if you will.