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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Job Program

United States has seen one of the most drastic unemployment periods this nation
has ever seen in the past few years. The vast amount of unemployed Americans
has led to the nation’s continual downfall. Recently, Americans have believed
that we were in the recovery stage of the recession due to how the economy is
reacting, but due to lack in hiring, one can assume that the economy is going
to take a double dip. Even after two, even three to four years had gone by;
there are still people out of the job. Many American citizens have been repetitively
searching for jobs and have failed to find anything until a new jobs plan was
set into effect. After researching what this new job program was, I realized
that it wasn’t even a job yet it was an internship. The creator of this program
believed that to start on a successful path you can’t just immediately walk
into a well-paid job even if you had a college education along with a solid 30
years of experience, you’d have to start fresh and allow yourself to build up opportunity.
So many unemployed Americans were very prideful and would not settle for
flipping burgers or sacking groceries, but as soon as the opportunity of this
internship opened up, many jumped on it.
After reading and learning about this job program, I was able to gain a
firm grasp on what our economy is really going through. My opinion of the
economy after realizing that the unemployment was still so high was that we
were going to double dip and go through another recession but if this job
program was able to expand and spark more unemployed people’s interests, the
United States economy may look at a peeking point in the near future.

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D.McKee said...

I think the reason many people do not have jobs in this recession is the fact that they are not actively looking for all positions. People have a sense of pride that they are not willing to give up in order to have a steady paycheck. No one is too good to flip burgers. No one is too good to be a janitor. I know if I wasn't able to support my family at home, I would rather work three low paying jobs than to receive free handouts from the governemnt because I believe in you get what you earn. The government is giving money out too freely. The only way we can get out of the recession is if people take the jobs that are open, people start retiring at the age they should retire, and people who are fortunate enough to go to college actually manifest their opportunity into creating a future for themselves. College doesn't get you a job. What you do in addition to the minimum requirements is what gets people jobs. We need to bite our tongue and get over it. No one starts out at the top, but anyone can get there with some blood, sweat, and tears.