Charles Edison

"Economics, politics, and personalities are often inseparable." - Charles Edison

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy awards were shown on February 12, and I began to realize, just like the
super bowl, that this was a time for many to advertise. The commercials could
be doing the advertising or it could be the actual artist performing. I realize
that the amount of people whom view the Grammys is not as large as the group
who watch the super bowl, but on a smaller spectrum, this would give a great opportunity
to grab the audience’s attention. Not only this but after the artist Adele was
given her six awards, the number of buyers that purchased her songs sky
rocketed. This caught my attention because not only did the Grammy winners
begin to sell an abundance of music but as well as the ones who performed that
night. This made me begin to think that if someone, an artist, was to expose
something that had not been heard before, on the night of the Grammys, they may
experience a large sale of their album/song they performed. I mean i realize
that you must be invited to perform at the Grammys, but if the performer strategically
allowed them enough time to develop new music and performed it that night, it
would have a dramatic effect on their overall sales. I am not quite sure if
this has ever been accounted for but if not I believe it may actually work. In
my opinion if I were watching the Grammys and heard a song that was just being
released I would immediately access iTunes and purchase it. If myself along
with others throughout the country did this, the sales would drastically
increase in the matter of hours.


Brittany said...

I like your point that they advertise themselves by winning and performing. I agree that this would boost their sales as well as their popularity in general. I myself can admit that after seeing Katy Perry and her blue hair I first wanted to first dye my hair, and next buy her album. The grammies is an ideal time for musical advertising and is able to utilize the musicians as well as their commercials so that they are technically advertising something at all times, even their instruments. It reaches a different group of people than the super bowl did and is therefore able to zero in on what products would be most successful in being advertised. On the topic of releasing a song the night of, the performance by Katy Perry included a new song that she just recently released and has not yet reached radio stations. I'm sure we'll all be hearing it in the near future on a popular pop station.

Smith said...

Niki Minaj's performance was one of the strangest things I have ever seen. However, it did a great job of becoming memorable and discussed. I am curious how her sales did the 24 hours following the Grammys?