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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Entertainment Industry

Often, I wonder what kind of effect the entertainment industry has on our economy. The film entertainment industry is growing very rapidly and actually fuels our economy because it creates jobs. In addition to that it promotes nations and services and encourages people to buy products. Movies also can have an impact on society’s behavior. Movies send out positive and negative messages that spark ideas and interests into people. How could any society thrive without ideas and interests? In addition to the motivation it gives people, this industry also keeps people spending money. However, at the same time as people choose to spend less money on entertainment, the industry must make certain budget cuts producing less quality entertainment. Even though people have been spending less money on movies, games, etc, many still view this type of entertainment less costly then a vacation, or a trip to a theme park. Thus, the industry is still bringing in money and helping the economy grow. Also, with technology developing more quickly many people are helping the home entertainment industry. When more people buy TVs then more people will have access to advertising from other industries. The entertainment industry has a great effect on our economy as a whole.


GageLane said...

I never viewed the entertainment industry as something that effected our economy as greatly as it actually does. Now I understand that our society buying new developed technology is actually boosting our economy forward rather than tacking away from it. As long as the United States along with the entire world continues to produce such things that allow advertisement, our economy may slowly return to a non-debt status....maybe.

Brittany said...

This really does exploit the entertainment business and exactly how much of an effect they actually have on us as a nation and the world in general. I always knew they had a large impact, I feel it happening when I see stars in a movie eating Chinese take out and next thing I know I'm headed to Panda Express. I did not think about the fact that they can advertise things negativley though which can hugely effect a company and eventually jobs. It is sad that this is what our world is so greatly influenced by ,but I agree that society always needs something to go off of in order to advance.