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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Endangered Seal Shootings

There has been a serious issue of different seal breed's washing up on shores with bullets in them. The seals are already on the endangered list and with an occurrence of already 8 found on shores their numbers continue to dwindle. Their endangerment is due to a contamination in the water as well as over fishing of seals as well as multiple other sea animals. Seals are fished for use of their delicate skin. Their skin serves as a popular leather used for wallets, purses, and multiple other objects due to its extreme softness as well as durability. Seals play an important role in sea life by serving as both a predator and a prey. Without the seal, there would be a surplus of fish and a lack of food source for animals such as the arctic fox and polar bear. There is a high demand for seals' safety and if they had not been on the endangered list, this occurrence of seal shootings may have been over looked. It is a shame that these precious animals are being treated so wrongly and even worse that more seals are popping up dead on shores. These occurrences have only been a problem in Washington state ,but it is important it is looked into now and that a stop is put to it before the problem grows on a larger scale. It is extremely important we respect our environment. If we do not, our list of natural demands will run dry and we will be without several vital products from our world that we will not be capable of recreating.


Erin said...

The discussion you bring up is very touching to many people. Seals are important to maintaining stability in nature as well as stability in our economy. In your discussion you mentioned some of the benefits that come from seal’s skin. Their skin acts as a stimulant in our economy. However, we must be careful not to kill too many of them which is the problem with many animals which are now dwindling into extinction.

GageLane said...

Why does the Government not just enforce a law making it illegal to hunt in that area of Washington? It seems this whole situation could be ended buy a simple passed law but I guess there is more to the subject then I know?

Brittany said...

I think it is extremely unfortunate that the government does not take a larger role in this issue. I agree that their skin is a large part of our economy ,but with their endangerment becoming more and more serious I believe that there should be some type of substitution until they are able to grow in population. It is very sad that there has not been any solutions. The worst part is that the seals are being shot out in the sea in various locations and not being found until they are washed up on shores. This makes it very challenging to discover how many seals are still being attacked as well as who is to be held responsible.

Peyton Moore said...

The sad part about this is that they are dying and washing up on the shores. The government should not only make restrictions, but they should also require that you hunt them in a way that there is less room for error. The bad part of this is that it sounds like the seals slowly die and get washed up if they aren't instantly killed. Thats pretty inhumane. Also, are seals really extinct? I've been all through the coast of California and there are hundreds of seals sunbathing all the time. I didn't know there was a problem in decreased population?