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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cali Beaches

I just read a very intriguing article on Drudge Report. This week, LA county raised the fine to $1,000 for throwing frisbees or footballs on the beach. In this ordinance, they clarify all activities that could potentially “disrupt the public.” This new law also restricts beach-goers from digging a hole deeper or wider than 18 inches. I find this all a bit ridiculous. $1,000 is a big fine for something not as big of a deal. I think it was in place for crowded beach areas because some people don’t have enough respect to consider the people around them, but I don’t think that the government should be able to regulate the size of your sandcastle. If you are playing catch and your ball hits a kid, I think the person with the ball should be liable because it was their fault. But I couldn’t imagine going to the beach and not being able to those prototypical beach activities like throwing a football or burying people in the sand. Also, what I find even sillier is that your allowed to play with volleyballs and beach balls all you want. Is this a way for California to bring in some money, or is it an actual problem that needs to be diminished by adding on this hefty fine?

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