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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rangers Big Gamble

Texas is known for several things, one of them is being home to the Rangers. The Texas Rangers have been the ALCS( American League Championship Series) winner for the past two consecutive years, this leaves fans with high expectations. The owners and managers recognized this and realized that it was crucial to keep their line-up stacked and record filled with W's. They decided that one of the keys to these two goals lived across the globe and was an icon in his country, it was Yu Darvish. Yu Darvish is considered the top pitcher in Japan, at 6ft.5in. and 215 lb., he's not doing too badly for being 25 years old. Rangers managers decided they not only wanted Darvish, they would do whatever was necessary to have him. They settled on a $60 million six year contract. Now the question is , Will he meet expectations? The Rangers have a solid batting line up as well as defense, the only area debatable is pitching. Darvish is expected to be a key element in it's build up after what some consider a huge loss by losing Wilson.

There are many odds against Darvish being successful. He is away from his homeland, dealing with completely new ranges of temperatures, and pitching against a whole new group of players. All three factors could be reasons for his failure, but as a Ranger fan, I am hoping it is all handled easily and Darvish will be a great success while on our team. If not, the Rangers will have suffered a huge opportunity cost which will follow them the next six years.

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Kolby said...

If Darvish is a failure for the Rangers what do you think the rangers should do? Should they try to trade him or move him to the bullpen?