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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Death to Keyboards & Monitors: the OmniTouch

Technology drives the economy. OmniTouch is the technology that will not require a keyboard and monitor for a device. Since the touch screen device is all over the place in a short period of time. I believe when OmniTouch is well-developed, and launches in the market, it will be a high popular product. Before Apple announced their new iPhone, one of the rumors is that it will basically have a projection as the keyboard and monitor, but it was a false rumor. The Apple’s fans might hate this, because OmniTouch is projecting by Microsoft. Each of the evolution those technology companies made it to make the device closer to the user. However, OmniTouch is currently not well-develpoed yet. It is projecting to be available as a smaller device in 5 years. I can’t wait to get one once it comes out of market.


Smith said...

If OmniTouch is not "well developed" yet, why couldn't Apple release their version first?

Wei said...

Every technology has its own patent, OmniTouch is projected by Microsoft. Apple can develop a familiar program or technology but it can't be the same as OmniTouch. Apple and Microsoft have been in competition with each other for a long time. They are both popular around the world. Whichever can make this kind of technology matches the taste of the consumers can make tons of money. I believe that even if Apple has the similar version, I don’t think it will be much more develop than the Microsoft’s. They also have just released the new phone. Whichever companies make it well-develop for the market first will plenty of money.

Peyton Moore said...

Why would Microsoft's version be more developed if Apple has already released several generations of the iPad? iPads are growing in popularity and we all know people that own them or own them ourselves. Is this just the US? Is OmniTouch more popular in other parts of the world?

Aditya said...

Technology can increase the maximum efficiency of a product. OmniTouch is a new advancement for a computer, and will give access to new ways of doing things. Computers as we know them help production considerably, but there are still things that prevent that speed from increasing even more. OmniTouch takes away some of those, therefore enabling more to be produces. Somewhere down the line, OmniTouch will be imrpoved, and even more will be able to be produced. Maximum efficiency will keep on increasing.