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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birth Control = Prostate Cancer?

Researchers are saying that when a woman takes a birth control pill, and then passes it, that the estrogen released from the pill circulates through the water system and can cause prostate cancer to men through drinking recycled water. This a bit of an extreme and most likely harmless to most, but it may have an economic effect on birth control. More people will not buy birth control if they hear this or people will stop drinking sink water out of paranoia. Altogether I'm not a fan of taking a pill to stop a feeling, or in this case prevent pregnancy, because all of these artificial medicines usually have more harmful side effects or after effects causing more pain and trouble than the original reason you took the medicine. It is best just to eat right, work out every day, and make smart choices rather than rely on medicine to clean up your stupid mistakes. Overall this article almost just makes you more paranoid than really harming you, but could have negative effects on the sale of water and on birth control.

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Smith said...

Do you believe that with all the governmental water regulations and purification checks that this story has validity?