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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is the iPhone 5?

The Apple fans or media were all excited for the Apple announcement on October 4th 2011. Most of the fans are expecting the brand new iPhone 5, but Apple introduced the iPhone 4S. Even for those fans who were disappointed and were looking into the whole new generation technology phone, some people will still buy in to the new iPhone 4s. Technology pushes economy. iPhone 4S features the brand new technology the voice control “Siri”, and upgrades other systems. People like new things or technology, many retail stores have been asking when the new iPhone will come out and placing pre-orders. Despite of the date it’s available in store, it is the most frequent asked question which means it is popular and more people are willing to switch from other brand of phone to Apple’s. Although people who have iPhone 4 are most likely not going to rush in and buy the 4S, it will still be a popular item on sale. iPhone 4s starts at the price of 199 and it will be in store on sale on October 14th, hopefully it won’t cause as much trouble as when iPhone 4 was first on sale. Apple’s stock went down nearly 5% on their new product announcement day, seems many were disappointed.


Smith said...

I know I was disappointed when I hear the announcement of the 4S. However, once I watched their marketing video I was SOLD! I am curious to see how their stock performs the remainder of the week, especially since pre-sales start on Friday.

Wei said...

I felt the same when I heard it. After checking it out, I WANT on! I want an iPhone 4S even though I currently hold an iPhone 4. The new technology “Siri” in the new one is the main reason I want it. It also has the many updates from previous one. Many people love Apple’s product. People also will buy things even they don’t need it. The price of new phone is lower when iPhone 4 first came out. And now, the death of Steve Jobs will probably help increase the selling. The Apple stock actually went up when the pre-order started on Friday.