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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kudzu bug threatens to eat US farmers' lunch

The new pest has entered and spread through many farmland in the United States. Kudzu bugs have no sign of stopping. Farmers grew the plants for living which the plants would also be the human food resource. Food resource will be shortage because the pest is eating the crops. Farmers have to raise the crop price or the government has to enter and give financial support for the lost. Crops are the raw material which could make into some popular food. When the price of raw material goes, it affects many food products. Bread is the major food we eat in America which is made of crops. While bugs kept messing up the crops, farmers are trying to control the bugs spreading. It will be costly to use the pesticides and didn’t quite well as the result. Even if the farmers did successfully control the bugs, the price will still go up to balance with the cost of pesticide.

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Sydney Dunbar said...

I agree that prices will go up, not just because of the pesticides but because of the lower supply of the crops. The lower supply will have to meet the demand, which can only be done by raising the price. This increase in prices on items such as wheat, corn, and peanuts will also cause the prices for compliments to go up. When the demand for peanuts are down, so is the demand for jelly, therefore both prices go up. This bad crop season is sure to many grocery shopping more expensive for many American's.