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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hit Your Shots!!!

Australia is home to some of the most extreme animals and environments in the world. On this Australian golf course the center of the course has a lake with six "man-eating" bull sharks. The sharks were stranded after a nearby river flooded and then receded to its original levels leaving the sharks behind. The sharks are 8 to 10 feet long and are fed meat on a regular basis to encourage them to come to the surface. This golf course is the first of its kind and because of the rarity and large demand to see these sharks the golf course attracts many people each year along with one tournament called the "Shark Lake Challenge." The golf course should have nothing to worry about in terms of a lack of supply as the current sharks are said to be breeding. Also in this lake there are other fishes and plants to keep a complete habitat for the sharks.

This shark course sounds like something that would be in the Bahama's as a tourist attraction. This is why these sharks could be used as a money maker, by attracting a lot of people to the course. This in turn would result in a lot of people spending money and telling others of the course.

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Kianna said...

This is so interesting! I have never heard of a golf course trying to get attention in such a way. I’m pretty sure that this golf course has no competition! With a lucky coincidence, an outward shift in demand has occurred when the sharks were stranded in the lake on the golf course. Now the golf course is attracting attention like none other- it was even on Fox News! I do not think that the attention will die down, with word of mouth customers will tell their friends, creating free advertisement. Do you think other golf courses would try to compete with them by having an exotic creature on their course? Even if this does occur, do you think it would be as effective as the “first”?