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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FedEx hiring drivers for holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching FedEx is hiring temporary drivers to meet the increased demand for shipping. Many more packages are going to be delivered requiring more drivers. People will be buying and selling gifts for their family in other states causing more demand for delivery. FedEx is paying very well for these additional workers. These salaries typically around nine to sixteen dollars. This act will not, however, have a substancial impact on the economy lasting only a short time. The increased hiring must last longer and remain constant to help stimulate the economy. Also more companies are required to participate to boost the economy. Though for a short time during the holidays jobs will be plentiful for delivery drivers.


Smith said...

What are some short run benefits to the economy during the seasonal labor increase?

CooperT said...

What happens to the drivers after the holiday season is over? Do they just let them go? Do they promise another position next year? These drivers are probably struggling if they have to pick up a temporary delivery job during the holidays.

mrkennedy said...

Would the increase in pay for the drivers cause the prices for deliveries to increase? If the answer is yes, than couldn't effect how much money people spend on gifts? Whitch in turns effects how many gifts you buy too during the holiday season?

Lauren S said...

The idea of job production through holiday shipping goes to show that there is more opportunity in the economic world than we have come across before, it just needs to be found, or better yet thought of. Even though it is only for a short time that FedEx is willing to stimulate jobs, the impact can leave a lasting impression on those who are chosen to work. It can open other opportunities such a as a next job after FedEx for a person who was previously unemployed, or a promotion/extension of work at FedEx if a person excel’s in the short time. This is encouraging for the economy, at least in the fact that more people will be able to bring in money and create opportunities for themselves.

Lauren S.

Brookie H said...

What is great about the upcoming holidays is consumers spend more money and businesses receive a rise in demand for their goods and services. In the U.S. economic system, when demand rises in a market economy, employment increases. Hopefully when Federal Express is hiring more drivers to increase the shipping demands for the holiday season, this will lead to a good sign in short term profitability. FedEx is an amazing company and is a worldwide leader in business. Creating employment, even in the short term is a positive indicator for the U.S. economy. I feel that a long-term fix for unemployment will not be created until some time later down the road.