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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Benefits of the Post Season

As we all should now know the post season is raging on throughout the U.S. With this momentous occasion comes the possibility of huge profits. The increase of buyers in the selected cities will spark huge spending that businesses will be trying to cash in on. The people coming are there to have a good time and are rarely thinking about spending too much. Supply will be increasing gradually up until the world series when the most amount of merchandise is needed to make the most profits. Though the Super Bowl does also benefit the economy of its host city, I wonder if the post season helps more, due to its extended time. It would be interesting to research and find out if the heightened fame of the Super Bowl is better than the longer post season. None the less this mild economic boom will hopefully help the economy level out.


Smith said...

I think you bring up an interesting question about the MLB postseason vs. the Superbowl’s economic impact. On the one hand you do have MLB postseason lasting much longer, but the Superbowl has become this huge brand unto itself. What do you think?

Victor L said...

I believe the Superbowl has a greater impact on the economy than the MLB postseason. While the superbowl sells tons of merchandise and beer and other goods it is only for that one day. The postseason lasts up to almost 4 weeks with a game almost every day. This demand for goods lasts much longer than the superbowl therefore having a greater over all impact. The postseason and world series have more games than the playoffs and superbowl. This provides a longer demand for goods and services. The economy needs repetitive spending not just a one day benge.