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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

World's Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

United States of America has many popular places tourists love to visit. Those most-visited place for the tourists are having local economy support by huge money from the tourists. When local economy is wealthy, it will give more taxes to the government which can help the whole country. Tourists from another country bringing their money into U.S. which is adding more money into the U.S. economy cycle. Government wants the money from outside of country so the money is not only spending in United States, but also the money is from other country. Most people like to be tourists when they are on vocation, which means they have extra money to spend on and will be spending it in the trip. Vocation could be luxury and the costs of one vocation to those place typically are high. Spending money is the force of the economy. Tourists will want to enjoy their vocations so they spend money, it pushes the economy of the place. And because those places are popular and most-visited by the tourists, more people will want to travel there and spend some money at the place.


Smith said...

Do you think tourism in the US has increased or decreased in recent years? How do you think this has/will effect local tax rates? What are some ways tourist locations are trying to attract business?

Wei said...

I think the tourism around the world is base on if the certain country has good enough economy for the people to have the extra money and time to go on vocation. For Americans, the tourism to other country or go one vocation is most likely decreasing as U.S. economy dropping. Vocation is luxury item that makes people happy. But as the world economy is getting worse, I imagine the tourism will be decreasing until the economy comes back up. Global economy affects the tourism throughout the world attractions. Local business in those famous attractions has been benefited from it because of massive amount of tourists visiting. Government tends to make the tax rate higher in the area so government can benefit from it as well. High tax rate loses the tourists interest in buying more but if the tourist visits decrease, the amount of the tourists are buying will decrease too. It has a huge impact for those local businesses. It would also affect the souvenir of the attraction selling.

Victor L said...

A good example of how tourism effects the economy of certain areas is the oil spill last summer. People didn't want to go to the beach so the seaside communities suffered from the lack of tourist income. They even had commercials for awhile trying to get people to go back to the beach and buy sea food. Tourism is necessary for some communities to maintain their economy