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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wildfires sweep across Texas

There were more than 70 days of 100 plus degrees in Texas over the summer, and only few of rain dropped during those days. Because of the extreme weathers, wildfires happened many time in Texas and it has destroyed over 1000 homes and four people were killed from the fire. The worst of the fires is at Bastrop County Complex fire, already destroyed 550 homes and other properties, 5,000 people evacuate from their house. Everything they lost in the fire need to be rebuild by the owners or find other place to live which would cost a lots of money for both victims from the fire and the state government. Days when there are no rain also meant the water supply on the daily bases is decreasing day by day, and the value of water would go up. Everyone will buy the water from the store if the water supply to the house is cut off which will let the price of water go up. If there are no enough water for the people, the local government will have the limit the water supply so everyone could have limited of water. More than 3.6 million acres were burn down by the wildfires in Texas and cost over 5 billion damage to the state’s agricultural industry. Rains can bring the water for the people and plants and also help to put down the wildfire which haven’t happen in Texas. The wildfire has not only destroy the house but also the livestock of the people and killing people and costing billion of money from the governement.


Smith said...

Utilizing this article could you make an argument for a mixed economic system?

Wei.L said...

When people have incomes from the jobs inside of United States, the government will tax from the incomes. Because the people pay taxes to the government, the government should help them out as well in this situation. Government interventions are part of the mixed economic system. The base of the United States is the marketing system but it moved toward the mixed economic after the depressions happened in U.S. So when there are disasters like wildfire in Texas or the hurricane Irene, the Government would step in and give the finical help to the people. Also, when the city short on the water supply, the government would intervenes to let everyone in the city at least has some water, rather than the businessman completely cut off the supply. When the water is shortage in the grocery store, they could raise the price, because of the government interventions they are not allow to do so. No one will want to see the victims of the wildfire suffer from the disaster cost by the nature and have to deal it on their own. Government will help every victim from the wildfire to rebuild their lost and keep the market still running in the area. When the average people have more income, the more tax the government will have from them and the country can be stronger.