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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo

Using nuclear power can provide enough electricity for the whole country but the safety issues of the reactor are considered. After 311 the Japan Fukushima nuclear reactor melt down disaster, many country starting to realize its dangerous and the cost of recover could be. Because of the radiation leak, any item could be infect by the radiation in Japan can’t be sold which is lots of area and costing the economy be tough on people. Now, the Japanese wants to use natural energy resource which won’t cost the damage like nuclear reactor did. But for poor natural resource country like Japan would need to find another way to replace the amount of nuclear electricity which isn’t invented yet. The shortage of electricity costing the sacristy, electricity price won’t necessary go up alot, but the demand would still be the same.When there are not enough electricity for the country, Japan government will have the cut down the power for certain area. Also, for those were evacuated for the radiation around the reactor would have to find a second home for them to stay until the area is clear which will take a lots of time. Lands in Japan are limited, it can be use up as much as it can because Japan is one of the best technology in the world. When lands can’t produce anything to sell or be bought, the land lose it value and cost economy to go down. Because of radiation effect too much in Japan, the protesters of nuclear power in Japan are getting more and more.


Smith said...

Do think current energy producers (i.e. fossil fuel/nuclear) would allow renewable energy companies enter the market with ease?

Wei said...

Current energy producers probably would not allow renewable energy company to enter the market with ease. But the government will probably allow it. More people know human is hurting the environment by using items can’t be recycle like plastic or burning fossil. Current energy companies may be not happy about the renewable energy companies to enter market because the popularity of their product will go down as no one will be buying it. As the popularity of the item goes down, the demand and the price of the product also go down. But the current energy companies will most likely have the money to buy the technology of the renewable energy from those companies. And it’s never a good idea to mess with huge companies. People will accept the renewable energy only if the price isn’t as high as the not renewable energy. People don’t like to buy the expensive one when there’s a lower price of the product. People only like it expensive when they purchasing luxury items.