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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Helicopters rush food, water to cut-off Vt. towns

After the heavy rain from Hurricane Irene, the flood caused the transportation completely cut off from a dozen of Vermont towns. The towns populations are under 200 to nearly 1400 and the town people need food and water. Local government has been airlift the supply by helicopters into the towns. In the towns, people needs to have their basic needs to survive until the roads and bridges are fixed. Because the transportation is cut off, the towns’ economy broke down from the mix economy system to tradition economy. Tradition economic system works in the same idea of just to survive for the town people, but in this case the people doesn't have the ability of getting food and water. In the towns, water and food is the most important supply for the people. Scarcity of the food and water is the needs for the towns and the only source of it is from the helicopters. When the transportation is fixed, towns will back in the U.S. economy as it was before the hurricane hit. U.S. economic system needs the transportation to work or the economy will break down.


Smith said...

Can you give more examples of scarcity from this article?

Wei.L said...

The towns people need only the basic food and water to able to live and survive before the transportation fixed. They might want some fancy food that is cook well done, but in this situation they don’t need it, all they need is enough food to survive. And because of the food and water are limited in the towns, people want and need those limited of food and water or they can share it together or sell it in high price than it should be. So before the transportation is fixed, the people will value the basic food and the water more than money because they want to live. The people trapped in the towns could also try to hunt wild animals around the area if they have the resource to hunt the animals. Another concern for the towns is the wounded people might not have enough medical or limited of electricity at their local hospitals. If it’s a life-and-death situation for the wounded, the patient will be airlift by the helicopters and send into the full supply hospital. The medical care is the every patients in the hospital want and need, so the outside world needs to bring those having the roughest out of there fast. Everyone in the towns would want to be airlift by the helicopter so they won’t be trapped in the town and wonder if they will have the next meal or not. Because there are only limited of helicopters to rescue them, not everyone will be pull out of the area but wait for the transportation to be fixed.