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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Computer's Win May Benefit Others

This article discusses other possible uses for the Semantic Analysis Technology (SAT) IBM's super computer used to win Jeopardy. The technology was made to do "much smarter searches on larger amounts of data." It could be used to help lawyers find documents that are relevant to their cases, detect financial fraud in banks, and match customers to the customer service representative that would work best with them. The assistance to lawyers could save people thousands in lawyer fees. That's good for them and good for the economy, since they have more to spend. The same goes for banks. The banks don't lose money and neither do the account holders. The cost of the machine would be heavy, but probably not as much as the money they save by preventing fraud. As for customer service, if people get better treatment they're more likely to buy the company's products again and recommend that product to others, which can't be bad for business.


Garrett T. said...

I actually watched the video of this. The terminator apocalypse will come sooner or later if technology keeps taking this course. It's good to know at least that IMB is spending money to make technological advances such as the super computer to do things that humans couldn't do or rather do things that human error probably has a large influence in such as financial fraud in banks and what not.

sarah said...

Yes, the super computer would benefit lawyers and maybe some other jobs, but could our economy really handle that right now. We are just starting to get out of a depression and trying to fix our debt. Shouldn't the government be more smart in where they spend their money. I am not opposed to buying the super computer, just when is the problem.

Alison said...

I don't think it's government produced, though. While they may be able to benefit from it in the future, I don't think they're looking at it right now. I think the article was refferring more to independent law firms.

Pacman said...

This topic is great, super computers helping with everyday jobs is an awesome subject. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with you for all those aspects. I completely agree with your statement about these computers helping out banks, and with this help so many people can have their money be in a safer environment because the bank can prevent fraud. However, the computer might be useful to a lawyer but overall it wouldn’t help the economy as much as stated because there are so many smaller jobs that people have, and they would lose those jobs because of the computer getting rid of all the “insignificant” labor that a computer could do way more efficiently. Finally I believe the idea of a smart computer is great, but I don’t think the benefits on the whole economy would be beneficial enough to be using them in everyday jobs.
-Tanner P

Alison said...


I definitely didn't think about the loss of smaller jobs because of the computer! That's a really good point - I definitely agree.